Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mom, don't be mad...

You know it's never a good thing when your child says, mom, don't be mad...

Logan likes to take his lunch to school and likes Lunchables. I will admit Lunchables are handy and quick but I try to make his lunch as often as possible and only use Lunchables for hectic mornings. This week Ryan was off on Tuesday and helped me get Logan ready so I had extra time to make a special lunch for my little guy. I made him his favorite turkey and cheese sandwich...he does not like pb&j...I know weird, right! 
I decided to cut his sandwich in a heart shape. I couldn't find my large heart cookie cutter so I cut them in little hearts. He loved it. 

On Wednesday, Logan decided to eat in the cafeteria at school. I liked that idea. 

When Thursday came around, you guessed it he wanted little heart sandwiches, but mommy was running late and we were out of Lunchables so I told him he had to eat in the cafeteria. I'm not for sure but I think I heard him whisper, "your not winning mommy of the year this year", from the backseat!!

I received a text from his teacher later saying Logan had ordered nachos but wouldn't eat them. He told her they were going to make him throw up so she gave him her turkey and cheese sandwich and hoped that was okay. I told her thank you for sharing her lunch and apologized that he ate her lunch. My child ate his teachers lunch! That afternoon when I asked him about it he said, "don't be mad mom!" 

Can you guess what happened Friday?
Little heart sandwiches!!! My baby is spoiled rotten and it's my fault!!!! I'd still make Corbin, Braden, and Trent little heart sandwiches if they would let me! I love to spoil my boys!!!

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