Friday, February 26, 2016

Braden is 18

Braden is 18 today!!!! How in the world did this happen so quickly??? I cannot believe that Ryan and I are the parents of two legal adults!!! It seems like yesterday that we were chasing Braden and Corbin around in diapers and now they are making plans for the next steps in their futures. This handsome, red head stole my heart from the moment I met him and I am so blessed to have him in my life. We have called him Red or Brado since he was little. He is a jokester and always playing pranks on us. He is a good brother and awesome son. I am so proud that he lets his love for the Lord shine. A walk down memory lane is in order for this special birthday...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's started Tuesday night at our house. Logan and I started making his treat bags for his class party.
His valentines were really cute.
The finished bags had his Valentine, sweet tart hearts, stickers, and a heart straw.
On Wednesday, Logan made this sweet picture at church. It says, "I used to think love looked like this ❤️ but now I know that love looks like this ✝.
Logan's class party was on Friday. I couldn't go because I had my class party at the same time but Daddy and Meme were there for my little guy.

He loves his Meme.

Daddy's boy
I thought these were adorable! The moms in his class are very creative.
I loved this one too.
Logan got 3 soda grams. One from Mom and Dad, Meme and Papa, and Corbin. Corbin didn't tell anyone he was sending it to Logan. Corbin is the best big brother.
When I read the message he sent I busted out laughing. You gotta love brotherly love!
On Saturday, we went shopping. Logan has wanted to ride one of these forever.

On Sunday, we went to church. The youth had a Valentines dinner after church to raise money for camp. They had spaghetti, or chicken spaghetti, salad, breadsticks, cobbler, and tea. I didn't have my camera but Corbin worked in the kitchen making plates and Trent helped serve and refill tea. I was so proud of him. He talked to people and really enjoyed doing it.

Daddy took Logan fishing after church. He was so excited!!! 
I love my Valentine's...Daddy, Logan, Braden, Corbin, and Trent.

I'm a lucky and loved girl!!!!! Happy Valentines Day.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

100th Day of School

Logan survived the first 100 days of school. He had to wear a t-shirt decorated with 100 items and take a Baggie with 100 items of his choice to school today.

He decided to make a shirt with eyeballs! I decided wiggly eyes were perfect for his eyeball project. Daddy and I took him to Hobby Lobby and bought our supplies. Logan picked a red shirt because it's his favorite color at the moment. I picked a few items for the house and daddy said he felt like a hostage trying to escape from Hobby Lobby madness!

We bought several different sized "eyeballs" to hot glue on our shirt. Logan loved his shirt and couldn't wait to wear it to school. 

He picked M&M's to take to school in his Baggie. When we started counting he said his Baggie wouldn't be big enough to hold 100. He was shocked at how little 100 M&M's are in a Baggie. 

He loved his first 100 day celebration.

Tiger Shark Trent

It is a tradition for the swim team boys to shave their heads as they advance to Regionals and State. My son decided to join his teammates and shave his head. I was not jumping for joy at this decision but I have learned to pick my battles with Trent. I do love the dedication of these boys to their sport and each other. I keep telling myself it's just hair and it will grow back.


Trent thinks he looks like his daddy. I think he looks like Season 2 "Shane" from The Walking Dead! I do know he's handsome and sweet with or without hair!