Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's started Tuesday night at our house. Logan and I started making his treat bags for his class party.
His valentines were really cute.
The finished bags had his Valentine, sweet tart hearts, stickers, and a heart straw.
On Wednesday, Logan made this sweet picture at church. It says, "I used to think love looked like this ❤️ but now I know that love looks like this ✝.
Logan's class party was on Friday. I couldn't go because I had my class party at the same time but Daddy and Meme were there for my little guy.

He loves his Meme.

Daddy's boy
I thought these were adorable! The moms in his class are very creative.
I loved this one too.
Logan got 3 soda grams. One from Mom and Dad, Meme and Papa, and Corbin. Corbin didn't tell anyone he was sending it to Logan. Corbin is the best big brother.
When I read the message he sent I busted out laughing. You gotta love brotherly love!
On Saturday, we went shopping. Logan has wanted to ride one of these forever.

On Sunday, we went to church. The youth had a Valentines dinner after church to raise money for camp. They had spaghetti, or chicken spaghetti, salad, breadsticks, cobbler, and tea. I didn't have my camera but Corbin worked in the kitchen making plates and Trent helped serve and refill tea. I was so proud of him. He talked to people and really enjoyed doing it.

Daddy took Logan fishing after church. He was so excited!!! 
I love my Valentine's...Daddy, Logan, Braden, Corbin, and Trent.

I'm a lucky and loved girl!!!!! Happy Valentines Day.


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