Saturday, March 26, 2016

Open House 2016

Maud ISD hosted an open house on Thursday, March 17. Logan was so excited to show us his classroom and to go to the book fair. 

Outside the book fair 
My little bunny.
I couldn't believe when I read his all about me poster. My family he listed: Ryan, Corbin, Braden, mom!!!!! I told his teacher since I wasn't part of his family don't call me when he misbehaves, call Ryan! He also wants to be a taxi driver when he grows up!!! He said, "you can drive all day and pick up people you want to or don't pick them up!" We need to work on our coloring skills.
He was excited to show us his classroom.
Little bunny foo foo.
His cutting skills are pretty good.
His writing is getting much better. He loves writing and goes around the house writing all the time.
He is definitely my lucky clover.
He was sad when it was time to go home.
I can't believe my babies pre-k year is almost over and he will be in Kindergarten. It makes my mommy heart sad and proud at the same time watching him grow up. 

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