Friday, April 22, 2016

Trenton is 15

I cannot believe Trenton is 15! When the kids were little and I was exhausted and I would hear people say it goes by so fast, I didn't believe it. It is true and I'm now the one telling young mothers it goes by so fast. 

 Life with Trent is crazy, exhausting at times, and hilarious. Trenton sees the world differently and sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes not so good. He definitely keeps Ryan and I on our toes.

 We thought we had this high school thing figured out after Corbin and Braden, but Trent has been able to spin a whole new adventure with his high school experience. Trent started high school this year and is looking forward to starting driver's education...this will be a Daddy and Trent adventure!!!! He is on the Texas High swim team and LOVES swim. He gets up at 4:45 am every day and is at the college to swim at 5:45 every weekday morning. He swims until 8:30 am every week day!! He lifts weights 3 days a week after school until 5:00 pm. I am very proud of him and how hard he works at his sport. Trent loves Biology and English I this year. He decided to take French this year because he said, "it's the language of love and I want to learn how to speak to the ladies!" He is regretting that decision... the language of love is a little harder than he expected. Algebra is kicking his tail, my tail, everyone's tail but we will get through it. He is enjoying high school and I am proud to say I have seen a tremendous amount of maturity in my son this year. I know I will blink and it will be his senior year.

 I am so proud of my Trent and very blessed that GOD chose me to be his MOM. Everyday with Trent is an adventure and I am glad to be along for the ride. Here is a walk down memory lane on my baby's 15th birthday. Happy Birthday Trent-we love you!

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