Saturday, May 21, 2016

Birthday Party Fun

Logan was invited to his buddy Caleb's 5th birthday party. The invitation said there would be a petting zoo and bounce house. Logan has been excited all week about Caleb's party.

Ryan started back on graveyard shift last night and my Saturday was super scheduled with baseball pictures, baseball practice, picking Trent up from a sleepover, grocery shopping, household chores, and a birthday party. You can probably guess where I'm going with this...yep, little man spiked a fever last night! He cried because he didn't want to miss his friends party.

We woke up this morning and his fever was down so we went for baseball pictures and didn't stay for practice. He was a little quieter than normal as I ran errands but his fever stayed away so we went to the party. He had a blast. I can tell he's not feeling 100 percent yet because he asked me to rock him tonight. I enjoyed every second of rocking my baby...even if his legs do fall over the chair and he's harder to fit in my arms because he's getting so big. Fingers crossed we have a peaceful, fever free night. 

The kid LOVES bouncy houses!
Logan and Caleb-the birthday boy. 

How cute is this little pig. 

My boy is fearless. He walked right up to the llamas and pet them.

He liked riding the little pony.

My little cowboy.
He LOVED the baby duck! 
He wanted to swing with the baby worries, I saved the baby duck as soon as I took the sweet picture!
Thanks Caleb for inviting Logan. He had a great time. 
Thanks to Caleb's parents for tiring this little guy out today. He had so much fun today he crashed early tonight. 

How sweet is this still my heart.


















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