Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Logan is in BIG trouble!

Logan is in BIG trouble this time! He wrote on my car with a sharpie...A SHARPIE!!!  
He said it's him playing in the ocean. He said, "don't be mad mom, I was going to draw you but you came outside and caught me!" 

It came off with a Mr. Clean magic eraser so the kid gets to live to see another day!!! He is grounded and I haven't decided for how long. I'm thinking until high school at least!!!

My teacher heart is happy because he has really nice, legible handwriting. 

On a happier note, Logan rode to school with a friend today because my mom is in the hospital and Ryan is on graveyard shifts. When I dropped Logan off his friend Turner ran outside and they had on the same shirt. It was really cute and totally unplanned.




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