Thursday, May 5, 2016

Logan, Lizards, and Licks

It has been a week! Logan has been testing mom and dad a lot lately! We didn't have terrible twos we are in what the heck is he thinking fives! 

Ryan received a call yesterday from Logan's principal. Logan was in the office because he bit a kid in his class! Logan has never had a biting issue. I can't remember Logan ever biting anyone. The principal explained to Logan that he would have to call his parents. Logan said, "call my Dad, don't call my Mom"! The principal called Daddy. Ryan was shocked and talked to Logan over the phone. Ryan hung up and called Mommy!  I couldn't believe it. We decided he needed to be paddled and I called the school and told them to give Logan licks.

 I'm sure there are several people who will read this and think I'm horrible for allowing my son to receive corporal punishment. Ryan and I are supportive of corporal punishment. Logan is our 4th child. Child #1 went to the office in Kindergarten and received a paddling and never went to the office again for his entire school career. Child #2 was a little hard headed...he's our redhead and has a firery temper...he went twice in kindergarten and got two paddlings and decided he would behave at school...I am happy to say he graduates in 3 weeks and has never been to the office again. Child #3 has never been paddled at school and never been to the office. I am hoping that this incident will make an impact on Logan and he will never be in the office for misbehavior again. 

It broke my heart and I wanted to leave work and go save my baby but I know in my heart I did the right thing as a parent. Tough love is hard y'all. I made Logan write an apology letter to the little boy he bit. The note was sweet and reminded me that even though he made a poor choice his heart is good, and when it's all said and done that's our hope and prayer as parents that we raise good people with good hearts. 
He asked me last night if I was still going to let him go to church and I said, "oh yes your going to church, you need God!" And he said, "I sure do Mom!"

Today was a better day and he didn't get in trouble at school. He came home and played outside in the dirt and caught lizards. I watched him play and smiled at that sweet, little boy and thought to myself how blessed I am to be his mommy! Logan, licks, and lizards pretty much sums up this far!

This smile melts me.

Only a few more weeks and this little guy will be in Kindergarten. I've always been taught that there is power in prayer so I hope y'all will pray for Logan's sweet pre-k teacher and let's get a jump on prayers for next years Kindergarten teacher...she's gonna need them!


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