Monday, June 27, 2016

Swim Lessons

Logan and his friend Nolan took swimming lessons last week. Logan has been a water baby his whole life but would not attempt swimming without floaties. He was nervous at first but by the end of the week he was swimming and jumping off the diving board. On Friday, he got to teach Trent how to swim. Trent was a good sport. I am so proud of my little swimmer. He had a blast with Nolan.

He was starving after all that swimming! A quick trip to Burger King fixed him up.


















Thursday, June 23, 2016

Father's Day 2016

We spent Father's Day at home this year. Corbin and Braden were not able to be there this year and I know Ryan missed them terribly. The older boys made sure they called their dad. We spent the day playing in the pool and I made Ryan a big dinner and homemade cake.

I am so glad God picked Ryan just for me but also Corbin, Braden, Trenton, and Logan. 

Ryan is our "SuperDad"

This is my favorite picture of my Dad. He is holding Logan. My Dad loves playing and joking with the kids. He is a huge prankster. He loves with his whole heart and always puts his family first. He was the first guy I ever loved. He treats my mom with love and respect and set the bar HIGH in what I was looking for in a spouse. Ryan has won my dad's approval. My boys are lucky to have Dwight Butler for a Papa.
This is Ryan's Dad. He passed before our kiddos were born. It breaks my heart that he didn't get to enjoy Ryan's boys. He would have loved our wild crew. Ryan was his only son and he would have loved knowing Ryan carried on the Foster name times 4! Ryan and his dad were very close. Ryan is an amazing father and it's because he learned from the best. We tell our boys about their Pop Pop every chance we get.
This is my father in law Dennis. He is an amazing Grandpa to our wild crew. He never treats any of us as "Cheri's kids". We are a wild and crazy crew and he loves us anyways! I love that he plays "Walking Dead" with Logan and is so patient with him. Our boys are lucky to have him as a Grandpa.
I am so proud of the father my nephew Chris has become. He reminds me so much of his Uncle Ryan. I just melt when I see him with Lilly.

I am thankful for my brother Jamey and the father he is to his boys. He is a great uncle and is always there for his boys and my boys.

Our boys are blessed with great role models to look up to. They have their Dad, grandfathers, and their uncles to look to for guidance and love. God blessed me with good, Godly men to help me raise my boys.







Build and Grow

A few weeks ago I took Logan to Lowes for a "Captain America" Build and Grow event. Corbin's grandmother, Mam, was there with his cousins Dax and Corley. Logan and Corley are in school together so Logan was really excited.

My baby in his apron.
Logan and Corley
It was really hard to build...super hard!
He worked really hard.

The finished product
Dax, Corley, & Logan
We saw two of my former students. I love my girls.

We went Bringle Lake and watched the dragon boat races next.

He loved seeing the dragon boats.
He wanted to eat at Steak and Shake.
He loved the swing at Pier One. 
The best part of the day...NAP!!! He was worn out!
This little boy wears me out, but I love every second I get to spend with him.


















Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pre-K Awards

My baby had his first awards ceremony today. Thank goodness daddy could be there because you guessed it...I was at work. I love my job...seriously love it, but it's hard missing out on my babies important events. He's my last and I know from the first 3 how fast these years go by. I'm working hard to find that work/home balance. 

Logan had a great year this year. He had 4 teachers and each one did a great job with him. Thank you Ms. Lopez, Mrs. Pemberton, Mrs. Ponder, and Mrs. Pate for taking such good care of our boy this year.

Mrs. Pate made the sweetest memory book for the kids. 
I'm a little embarrassed that his favorite recess activity is playing "The Walking Dead" with his friends! I promise we do NOT let him watch it, but unfortunately he has heard his brothers talking about it. He may or may not have been yelled to "get out" as mommy is watching it and he walks in. This is another reason why you don't have toddlers and teenagers at the same time. On a parenting report card we may not get an E for Excellent but definitely an E for Effort!