Thursday, June 23, 2016

Build and Grow

A few weeks ago I took Logan to Lowes for a "Captain America" Build and Grow event. Corbin's grandmother, Mam, was there with his cousins Dax and Corley. Logan and Corley are in school together so Logan was really excited.

My baby in his apron.
Logan and Corley
It was really hard to build...super hard!
He worked really hard.

The finished product
Dax, Corley, & Logan
We saw two of my former students. I love my girls.

We went Bringle Lake and watched the dragon boat races next.

He loved seeing the dragon boats.
He wanted to eat at Steak and Shake.
He loved the swing at Pier One. 
The best part of the day...NAP!!! He was worn out!
This little boy wears me out, but I love every second I get to spend with him.


















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