Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pre-K Awards

My baby had his first awards ceremony today. Thank goodness daddy could be there because you guessed it...I was at work. I love my job...seriously love it, but it's hard missing out on my babies important events. He's my last and I know from the first 3 how fast these years go by. I'm working hard to find that work/home balance. 

Logan had a great year this year. He had 4 teachers and each one did a great job with him. Thank you Ms. Lopez, Mrs. Pemberton, Mrs. Ponder, and Mrs. Pate for taking such good care of our boy this year.

Mrs. Pate made the sweetest memory book for the kids. 
I'm a little embarrassed that his favorite recess activity is playing "The Walking Dead" with his friends! I promise we do NOT let him watch it, but unfortunately he has heard his brothers talking about it. He may or may not have been yelled to "get out" as mommy is watching it and he walks in. This is another reason why you don't have toddlers and teenagers at the same time. On a parenting report card we may not get an E for Excellent but definitely an E for Effort!









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