Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vacation Day 4

Today is our last day of vacation. We checked out of our hotel this morning. We loved the Menger Hotel and will definitely stay here again. We didn't see any ghosts but we did find a few spooky spots in the hotel.

I'm a history nerd so this hotel was perfect for me. The Menger hotel was built as a two story 50 room hotel only 23 years after the fall of the Alamo. It has grown over the last 150 years but has never closed its doors. 
The beautiful front doors.
The relaxing courtyard with rocking chairs. The perfect place to eat mango ice cream...or at least I thought so.
One of the many ghosts of the Menger Hotel is Sallie. She was a maid at the hotel and was killed by her husband, she died 3 days later. The hotel paid for her burial and the receipt was on display in the lobby. They say you can see Sallie walking the halls carrying fresh towels to a guest room. We looked and looked and never saw Sallie.
We went to the El Mercado market.
Logan has fun wherever he is. This kid cracks me up. He loves life and makes every day fun. I strive to make each day as exciting as Logan does. He wakes up with a smile and when his feet hit the floor its watch out world I'm up!
We ate at Mi Tierra. 
Logan loved the men playing music at the tables.
We had to try some Mexican hot chocolate.
We made a pit stop at Buc-ees. 

The sweetest thing that happened today was my sweetheart took me to Magnolia!  My boys were not as excited as me but thankfully my husband realizes that with all these boys I need some girlie fun sometimes.
I'm home

The boys went outside while I shopped. They had swings and lots of yard games. Logan made a friend quickly and had a blast. The older boys found a picnic table with was really hot. 
The silos
My family
We had to try the bakery

Ryan had the shiplap cupcake
I had the nuts and bolts.
Corbin had the espresso, Trent had chocolate, and Braden and Logan had cookies. The cupcakes were good but the icing was great.

The boys got bottled water and I decided to be daring and got elderflower lemonade. The lemonade was NASTY...sorry Joanna Gaines I tried to be hip and cool but this was not for me. Logan tried it and said, "yuck, why the heck did you want to drink flowers mom"!
Bye Magnolia until next time. We didn't see Chip and Joanna but I slipped away with a few goodies and a #shiplap t-shirt.
Logan is following his big brother Corbin. I hope my boys will always look out for each other. 
This has been a great vacation. We needed some time with our boys away from the day to day grind. 

We may fuss and fight but we are family. I am so thankful for these last few days with my little family. My children are growing and changing and it is getting harder to find time that we all can be together at the same time. 

I am thankful for the time together and the memories. 
We are blessed!


























Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Vacation Day 3

We survived the night without any ghost sightings at the Menger, or as Trent keeps calling it the Manger!!!

We went downstairs to eat breakfast. Logan wanted to see the shop that had the little army men. They had a replica of the Alamo on display. It was very authentic with cannons and little soldiers and little puffs of cotton coming out of the cannons for smoke. When Logan saw a little soldier wounded on the ground he would point and say, "look mom he's hurt, bless his little heart". I love how sweet and kind he can be...sometimes.
The big boys finally woke up and we were off to SeaWorld. 
Mom and all her babies
Logan kept calling here little flamingos! 
My two handsome men. They should still be babies! 
I love my crazy Trent. He doesn't mind being silly with me.
We rode the Atlantis ride. It was like a log ride. Logan was scared but he did it. It was hot so we told the big boys to go ride rides and we took Logan to the splash pad. 

Karate kicking the water
Logan rode a Shamu roller coaster. He said it was awesome.
We all met to watch the show Azul. My whole world in one picture.
My family. I still look at pictures and get goosebumps at my beautiful babies and how blessed I am that their mine.
As we were waiting on the show to start the sky began to rain, then it got ugly...hurricane ugly y'all. The show was canceled and we were placed on code purple! I don't like code meant we could not leave the stadium because the wind and lightening were so bad. I felt completely safe in an open air, metal stadium with a huge pool of water in front of us and the rain blowing in on us and lightening striking sky to ground all around us!

We were finally given the green light to leave the stadium and the Foster's hightailed it to the front gate for a refund!
We came back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. Ryan and I walked down to the Menger Bar and had a drink before dinner. I love my sweet man. He has been my sweetheart for over 25 years.
This bar is where Teddy Roosevelt recruited his RoughRiders.

Logan was upset that the pool was closed because of the rain.
Braden introduced us to Torchy's Tacos. 

We loved it!
Logan loved the old timey phone booths. He said he was calling Meme.
The boys watched Logan and my honey and I had a little date time! 
This lady was a Prohibitionist who tried to stop the Menger Bar from serving liquor by slamming her ax into the bar!
They have restored the bar by cutting out the ax riddled wood. The v piece of wood is where they replaced her ax strike.
Corbin was a good big brother and went swimming with Logan when the pool finally opened.
Babe Ruth stayed at the Menger.
Logan loved this picture. He said he loved how that mama was holding baby Jesus. It made him happy to look at.
Ryan and I went ghost hunting but didn't find any ghosts. We were a little mischievous and changed a couple of do not disturb signs on doors to read please make up room now. They will be surprised in the morning and hopefully think it was the Menger ghosts just having fun. The Foster's have had fun today!