Monday, July 4, 2016

Camping Trip

We went camping last weekend. We usually go to Clear Springs but decided to go to Beaver's Bend. The kids loved it. We needed the get away. Our air conditioner went out on Father's Day! It was covered under warranty but because of warranty we had to wait for the parts for 13 days!!!!! We have been living in the camper!!! Like I said, we needed to get away!
Logan never meets a stranger.
We watched movies at Meme and Papa's camper. They have a big living room.
Mama tried!! This kid is crazy!
He had to sit by his Papa because we watched "The Boggy Creek Monster"! He said I'm brave but still wanted his Papa to protect him.
He really liked the show and kept asking if Big Foot is real.
He wanted to go hunt Big Foot the next day...this was the best I could do!

The water was ice cold and refreshing.

Logan wanted to go on the "peddle boats"!
Handsome boy.
The boys enjoyed hiking.

We had a great time and came home and didn't have to unpack the camper...we just continued camping in the driveway! Thank goodness the parts came in and we have air again!!! Thank you Mr. Warrington for fixing our air conditioner!



















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