Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Leaving the Nest

Corbin made it home finally!!!! He got home late Saturday night and left again Tuesday morning. 😥 
Logan was so excited to see his big brother.
I am very proud that Corbin is doing something he loves and that he is happy. Corbin loves serving the Lord and that makes his Daddy and I so proud. 

Corbin has been gone all summer and this is the first summer that Braden has not been here all summer. I feel like I lost two children at once. I am the mother of two legal adults in college...that is hard to type and say! They are growing and changing and I miss my babies! I miss my sons. I miss that they don't need Mommy like they used to! 

I thought the baby/toddler years were tough and the teen years were rough, but the leaving the nest years are breaking this Mama's heart!


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