Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trent's First Job

Trent is teaching swimming lessons this summer. We have to take him in the mornings and pick him up in the afternoons. He likes working with the kids and earning his own money.

The first week was tough. The boys were doing more horse playing than they should and their boss had to say something to them. Trent was mad at first, but once I talked to him he thought about it and sent a text to his boss. He said...I don't want to get fired. What can I do to improve...I'm proud of his maturity in the situation. 

He said, it sucked to send it but I don't want to lose my job or let her down! His boss told me later how impressed with Trent she was. She said he was the only teen that text her and took responsibility for his actions. She said he works hard and gets along with everyone. She said we should be very proud of our son...we are!!! 

I snuck in and took a couple photos of my hard working guy.



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