Monday, July 25, 2016

Vacation Day 1

We were supposed to leave for vacation tomorrow but my hubby was so excited we left a day early! We drove to Dallas and are spending the night. We went to the mall and did some back to school shopping. We found some great deals! Logan tried on a shirt in a store and looked in the mirror and said, "I look good"! He said he was only buying shirts that made him look like a teenager...why do they want to grow up so fast?

We stopped at Carlo's Bakery and saw the "Cake Boss". It was a great treat. Ryan had an apple Danish, Corbin had cheesecake, Trent had a Oreo cupcake, Logan had a cookie, and I had a cannoli. 

Yummy, yummy, get in my tummy!

Logan loved the merry go round.
Trent was a good big brother and rode with Logan.

We have had a great time.














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