Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vacation Day 2

Day 2 we began our journey to San Antonio. We made a short stop in West, Texas for traditional Czech kolaches. The Village Bakery is the original Czech bakery in West. 
This is Ryan's apple kolache
We made it to San Antonio and checked in the hotel and went to the Alamo.
The older boys had been to the Alamo years ago but this was Logan's first visit.
Logan Crockett!!! He liked that coon skin hat.
Ryan Crockett...he wants to be cool like Logan! Logan is lucky to have such a fun daddy.
Koi fish 
My cutie patootie
A unique pecan tree
Logan's lucky to have a fun mommy too.
We are staying at the Menger Hotel. It is the oldest hotel in Texas. It is beautiful. It is also known as the most haunted hotel in Texas!!!

We went to the movies and this theater had recliners!!! We loved it!

We walked the River Walk and saw this Cinderella carriage.
We toured a little of our hotel and found this beautiful stained glass ceiling.
My oldest and youngest.
My handsome men. 
The King Ranch Suite

It's hard to see in the photo but the wallpaper was gorgeous in the hotel. 
The boys were doing a little ghost hunting!
We had to try the Menger's famous mango ice cream. President Clinton had this ice cream served at both of his inauguration parties. The ice cream was delicious, not to sweet, and refreshing like a sherbert.
We have not seen any ghosts...yet! I'll let you know in the morning! 😬



























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