Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First Day of School 2016

The Foster Four survived the first day of school. Corbin, Trenton, and Logan started yesterday and Braden started today.

Corbin slipped out before Ryan could get a picture. I texted him and told him to send me a first day of school picture and this is what I got!
I told him I wanted one with his whole face and a smile so he sent this!       Mama tried!
Trent was excited to start 10th grade. He has a lot of hard classes but he said the teachers were all really nice.
Logan loved seeing all his friends and having a red locker! Mrs. Stewart has not sent home a note concerning his behavior so Kindergarten is going great...so far! His favorite part is playing on the big playground.
Braden started his first day of college today. He was a good sport and sent me a first day picture. 
I can't believe my babies are so grown up. I am proud of my boys. They are a crazy bunch and I love all 4 of them. I have a feeling this is going to be a great school year.






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