Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meet the Teacher 2016

Logan had meet the teacher tonight. My sweet baby is going to be in Kindergarten. He was so excited to meet Mrs. Stewart. Mrs. Stewart was Corbin's kindergarten teacher when he was little. She taught my first and now she's going to teach my last. 

She had a form for parents to fill out with information and one of the questions asked...does your child have a nickname? I wrote--he will tell you to call him Deathstroke or J-Money, just say NO!  Logan is a character!

The best news of the night was when he saw that his locker was red and he shares it with his best friend Bryston. I'm guessing Mrs. Stewart may have heard about the red locker drama in pre-k.

2 cool 4 school
Mrs. Stewart and Logan. I'm sorry Mrs. Stewart, I didn't notice your eyes were closed in the picture until I got home. I promise to make it up to you...I promise great teacher gifts all year!!!
"Whale-come to Kindergarten"




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