Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Morning Lights

I can't believe this is really happening...I am the mother of a football player!!! Logan is playing flag football. We are so excited about spending this fall watching Saturday morning football games. 

Logan is so excited about football. We told Logan that the rules said you couldn't play football unless you slept in your own bed and made your own sandwiches. Judge away if you must but I'm telling you it's a whole new world at the Foster's!!! Logan has slept in his own bed all week and I haven't had to make one sandwich in a week! I know your thinking he should have been in his bed years ago...I agree, but he's my baby (roll your eyes, I can't see you!) The sandwich thing may seem a little strange. He eats around 4-5 sandwiches a day...growing boy! I literally was making sandwiches non-stop! He only likes mayonnaise and ham, no cheese. I taught him how to make a sandwich and we put the ham and mayonnaise on the bottom shelf so he could reach it easily. Life changer people,life changer! He is so proud that he can make his own sandwich. I giggle when I hear him in the kitchen singing as he puts mayonnaise on his sandwich, he sings "dot, dot, not a lot!" 

Logan has followed the football "rules" so we started practices.

He got hot at the first practice and threw up, but loves football! I can't wait to cheer for my #5!







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