Sunday, September 18, 2016

Four States Fair 2016

I'm WAY behind on my posts. We took the boys to the Four States Fair. Corbin and Braden did not get to go with us this year because of college and work.

Logan loves to take pictures. I realize this will change.
milking cows
Trent had to show him how it's done
The annual photos. 

Petting zoo
Ryan went with Trent to ride rides so I only got pics of little man.

Logan was nervous to walk through. A sweet little girl took his hand and helped him.

A money hammer...only my kid would pick this. He says he picked it because his name is J-money!
Logan is obsessed with Ghostbusters right now.
I had to take a picture of how close we got to park. We have NEVER parked this close. Everyone knows the pain of pushing a stroller through the parking lot rocks! This would have been the perfect spot during those stroller years.
The food was good and we always get corn on the cob. We will be back next year.



















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