Saturday, September 10, 2016

Friday Night Lights

Logan loves Friday at school during football season. The cheerleaders sell several different tattoos at the kid has bought the same one 3 weeks in a row...Bad to the Bone!!!

It's Game Day Y'all
The cheerleaders sold shirts this year called "Bleacher Creatures". The kiddos get to run on the field before the game. Logan was so excited!
He loved Maudie

Logan and Carlee
He thought the tunnel was awesome.

He always looks to make sure I'm watching. My world revolves around my boys. Whenever I'm at an event watching my kid I'm that goofy mom grinning ear to ear. 
The alma mater
He was directing the band during the halftime show.
Carlee made sure Logan got a football. He was so happy.
He had a great time at the football game.














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