Sunday, September 4, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

I went out of town with my mom and sister-in-law, Rebecca, to a family wedding in Dallas this weekend. We had a great girls trip and the wedding was beautiful.

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo. It was built in 1925 for Conrad Hilton and was the first Hilton hotel. 
The room was beautiful and unique. I have always seen the two beds in a room side by side but this room the beds faced each other. 
We had lunch at a restaurant called Wild Salsa. We tried 3 different salsas.

As you left they had mini ice creams. It was very cute.
We had a little fun at the park.

The chapel for the wedding was beautiful.
The reception was held at The Venue. It was once a courthouse. 
The cocktail hour was held on the roof. 
It had a beautiful view.

The girls. We loved the mini fried green tomatoes.
The signature cocktails were picked by the bride and groom.
We tried be fair of course! The bride's cocktail was my favorite of the two.

The bride and groom.
Her dress was beautiful.
My cousin Judy and the groom, her son Hayden.
The dinner was held in the courtroom. 
I love creme brûlée.
We had to stop at Carlo's Bake Shop on our way home.
My mom and Buddy.
We also stopped at Half Price Books aka Teacher Heaven! I was able to help my sister in law find some great books for her children's lit class.

While I was away this cutie caught his first fish!
Happy Labor Day weekend! 



























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