Friday, September 9, 2016

We Are In Trouble Now!

Life in the Foster household has just been changed forever...or at least until Dad figures out how to fix our problem. 

Here's the situation. Ryan and I were joking and playing and he was chasing me around the living room. I ran in our bedroom and locked the door. Ryan grabbed the doorknob and tried to turn it and said, "she locked the door." I hear Logan's little voice say, "I got it!" He jiggles the door handle a couple of times and the door pops open!!!!! He walks in with a big smile and feeling very proud of himself. Ryan walks in laughing! I'm in sanctuary has been invaded!!! My sense of safety of locking all these boys out is lost! The world as I know it has forever been changed!!! 

I don't know why Ryan is laughing because until that door has a lock that can't be breached, his life is forever changed as he knows it!!! 

I guarantee that door will be fixed by the end of the weekend!!!

Have a happy weekend,

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