Saturday, October 29, 2016

Daddy's in TROUBLE

Yesterday was my sweet baby boy's 6th Birthday. I took cupcakes and juice to his class to celebrate the day with his friends.

Albertson's made the cutest cupcakes. I always order monster cupcakes for his birthday at school because he was born so close to Halloween and we call him our little spook. 
He was so excited when we got there and he ran up and hugged me and said thanks for my cupcakes still my heart. 

As I was leaving I was taking pictures of all the cute Halloween crafts in the hall. I love my little skeleton.
His class made the cutest bats and they hung them in the hall with a picture of themselves hanging like bats. Super cute idea by their teacher Mrs. Stewart. 
This my friends is where Daddy got himself in trouble. Ryan is off every other Friday and on those days Mommy takes a much needed break and lets Daddy get Logan ready for school. I have a little extra time on those days and get to stop for the occasional Starbucks. I'm not completely checked out because I know my husband has no sense of fashion and is colorblind, so I lay out Logan's outfits on those days. As I looked closely at my cute boy hanging upside down with a huge grin on his face, a game day jersey, and shorts, I gasp...his shorts are on backwards, BACKWARDS!!! How does that happen and a grown man not notice that situation. Shoes on the wrong feet, I get it, it happens to the best of us, but shorts on backwards. 
He will try to tell people he didn't do this, but if you know my family then you know...Casey did NOT do this! 

I love him for being so helpful but Daddy is in trouble!









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