Monday, October 24, 2016

Maud Royal Walk

Logan was chosen by his Kindergarten classmates to walk with his friend Chloe in the Royal Walk. They looked so cute together and they won! The Royal Walk is a tradition in our little community. Each class chooses a prince and princess and those children walk together and they choose a king and queen.
Corbin was chosen to walk in the Royal walk when he was in Mrs. Stewart's Kindergarten class also. The jacket Corbin is wearing is the same jacket Logan wore. My mom calls me a hoarder but I held on to that little jacket knowing it would be needed again!
I was chosen for the Royal Walk in Kindergarten and won too. My brother was also chosen in Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a lucky year for our family.
Ryan was chosen in 5th grade. He walked with our friend Mandy Jordan but I couldn't find a picture of them together.
Our little guy looked so handsome.
Logan and Chloe grabbed hands as soon as they saw each other and I don't think they let go until it was over.
They read a little write up about each child while they were on stage. The last question asked...what do you want to be when you grow up? Most of the kids said doctor, veterinarian, author, etc...not my kiddo! Logan said he wanted to be the principal!!! He said Mr. Sanders will be really old when he gets big and will need to stay home so he will be the new principal! Lord help us all.
They smiled from ear to ear the entire time.
All of the kiddos did a great job and looked so cute.
The 2016 King and Queen for the primary building.
Logan's best buddy Nolan was chosen by the other Kindergarten class. I'm so glad the boys got to do this together. 
His big brothers came to cheer for him. We sent pics to Braden since he couldn't be there.
We are so proud of our little guy.
He was excited that Ian was there. I don't think he cared that the rest of the family was there just Ian!
We came home to change clothes and he went to a camp out sleepover at his best buddy Turner's. It was the perfect end to a great night.
He thinks we should all call him King Logan from now on! Does that make me the Queen Mother?

















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