Sunday, October 2, 2016

Orange, Black, & White Swim Meet

Trent had his first swim meet on Saturday, September 24. The Coaches take the swim team and divide them into 3, black, and white. The kids then compete against each other in swim events. 

Our Trent was in the white team this year and he was awesome!!! He has improved so much since last year.

He was 1st in his heat and 4th overall in the 50 yard freestyle event.

He was 1st in his leg of the kick relay and his team was 2nd overall.

He was 2nd overall in the 100 yard backstroke!! There were 12 boys in this event!
Trent's biggest fan! Logan will go stand at the end of Trent's lane and yell for Trent in every race.
We are so proud of our Tigershark! He swam great. He likes to write on his back "eat my bubbles"...they definitely ate his bubbles at this meet. 





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