Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kidney Stones Suck

I have been VERY sick for the last couple of months. The whole ordeal started in September with a kidney infection. My doctor prescribed 10 days worth of antibiotics.
The first of October I was sick again. My doctor prescribed another 10 days of antibiotics. I was still sick after 10 days! My doctor changed antibiotics and prescribed another 10 days and ordered a CAT scan. The CAT scan found a 7mm kidney stone stuck in my ureter. My doctor referred me to a specialist in Shreveport.

The doctor in Shreveport decided I needed surgery to remove the stone. She checked my kidney function levels and they were good so we scheduled the surgery for Tuesday. I would already be out in Thanksgiving Break so I wouldn't have to miss school. 

On Friday, I was at school and I started having a lot of pain. I started vomiting and the pain pills would not help the pain at all. My husband took me to the emergency room and they ran blood tests and said my kidney function was not good. They admitted me to the hospital and did surgery on Saturday instead. I'm glad the whole ordeal is over. I am ready to start feeling better.

My kidney stone. They busted it up and took it out. This was a bad little stone!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Logan's 6th Birthday Party

Logan decided to have a "Mad Scientist" party this year.
The decorations turned out really cute.

These were the kids goodie bags. They had candy, glow sticks, magnifying glasses, and all the experiments we did.

His cake was perfect. Albertsons did a great job.
The first experiment was making snow! I gave each kid a container of powder.They added water and it puffed into snow!

The second experiment was making lava  lamps.

The third experiment was making slime.
I was busy with the experiments so I didn't get a lot of pictures. 

We also made polymer orbs, and did a sink or float experiment that the birthday boy got to help with. The last experiment required us to go outside. Ryan dropped mentors into a coke and it shot a huge geyser into the air.

My little scientist had a great time!
I'm the mom of four boys so I have given LOTS of parties over the years, but this has been my favorite party so far!























Last Football 🏈 Game

Logan played his last flag football game. He had a blast.

His teammates were chanting "Who you with...Cardinals".

Logan and Bryston
These two are really good friends and get along so well.
We loved our first football experience and can't wait until next year.






Friday, November 11, 2016

Halloween 2016

I am WAY behind on my blog! I have been very sick...but that's another story.

My little guy decided to be Harry Potter for Halloween this year.

We had a party at my in laws the day before Halloween.
Our little Dorothy. She was excited to see  Logan.
Liz the scarecrow
That looks so real
Kylo Ren aka Michael Duck
Ian forgot to put pants on under his costume!
Jello worms
The cutest Harry Potter ever!
His school party

Party goodies

He was ready for trick or treating

Halloween 2016 was great