Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Eve

We hosted our traditional Christmas Eve tamale dinner. It was extra special this year because Uncle Mike was there.
Our Lilly really enjoyed Christmas this year.
Logan and Lilly opening their Christmas Eve Jammie's.

This girl is funny.
They also got snow in their package. They loved making the snow. 

Jack wasn't sure about all the excitement.
Grandpa and Uncle Mike
Chris and Ryan
They are so sweet. They had just put out their reindeer food.
Santa gets cookies and milk at everyone's house so we left candy and Dr. was a tough year we needed all the extra points we could get!!!
Merry Christmas Eve
















Uncle of the Year?

Ryan got an electric bug zapper for Christmas. He bet our nephew Michael $3.00 to stick his tongue to it!!!! As you can see from the picture HE DID IT!!!! Ryan is NOT going to win Uncle of the Year!


Christmas with Uncle Mike

Ryan's Uncle Mike was able to join us for   Christmas this year. We talk to him on the phone all the time but have not seen him in 13 years. We were all excited!
It was the first time for him to meet Lilly and Logan.

All the boys loved spending time with Uncle Mike.
Braden and Corbin
Lilly, Michael, Logan, & Trent
Camryn & Logan
The grandkids
John, Courtney, Michael, & Camryn
Grandpa, Grandma, and part of their grands
Chris, Liz, & Lilly ❤
John & Courtney
Ryan, Casey, Corbin, Braden, Trenton, and Logan 
Dennis & Cheri
Logan and Lilly
Grandma and Uncle Mike. No matter how old you are you still look up to your older brother and love your little sister. 
We LOVED our visit and can't wait until his next visit. 


















Tigershark Ugly Sweater Party

Trent's swim team had a ugly sweater Christmas party and Trent won!!!
We had to stop at K-Mart on our way and people laughed at his shirt. It was a hit at the party!



Logan's Kindergarten Christmas Party

Logan is in Kindergarten this year. I was the room mom for his Christmas party. Logan loves Christmas and his school planned several fun activities for the week before school was out. This is a picture of Logan on Polar Express Day in his pajamas.
I decided to do a minimal plate of food for the kids because they are so excited they never eat the food. 
I picked cute plates and napkins and had cute cupcakes made and each kiddo got a juice box.

My cute Santa
The kids exchanged gifts and played a game.
I focused on a great treat bag. I ordered cute bags and each kiddo got a container of powder to make snow, an elf ornament , 4 gingerbread cookies, and reindeer food. I also ordered the book "Santa Duck" for Logan to give to each of his classmates.

Logan and Gabbie
Calvin and Brock
Miller, Chloe D., and Turner
Brock liked the cupcakes.
Chloe D. and Logan
Logan and his best buddy Turner.
I think the kids had a good time at their party and I enjoyed planning the party.














Kell Christmas

We celebrated with my mom's side of the family in early December. We had several family members who couldn't make it this year but we still had a great turn out and a lot of fun.

My cousin Chad's daughter, Karli, let Logan ride her horse. Karli is active in her high school rodeo program and came to Christmas from a rodeo which is why she had her horse with her.
Logan loved riding the horse and asked Santa for a horse for Christmas. I explained that Santa knew we didn't have a place to keep a horse but Karli would love for him to come ride anytime. 
My daddy and Steven
My aunt Joyce and aunt Jo Ellen.
My uncle Sonny, Randy, and aunt Jane.
My cousin Lori and her husband Curtis.
We had a great time visiting and eating.