Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas with Uncle Mike

Ryan's Uncle Mike was able to join us for   Christmas this year. We talk to him on the phone all the time but have not seen him in 13 years. We were all excited!
It was the first time for him to meet Lilly and Logan.

All the boys loved spending time with Uncle Mike.
Braden and Corbin
Lilly, Michael, Logan, & Trent
Camryn & Logan
The grandkids
John, Courtney, Michael, & Camryn
Grandpa, Grandma, and part of their grands
Chris, Liz, & Lilly ❤
John & Courtney
Ryan, Casey, Corbin, Braden, Trenton, and Logan 
Dennis & Cheri
Logan and Lilly
Grandma and Uncle Mike. No matter how old you are you still look up to your older brother and love your little sister. 
We LOVED our visit and can't wait until his next visit. 


















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