Thursday, July 13, 2017

(Backup) Broken Wing

My sweet Logan broke his arm! He was playing with Turner and fell and broke both bones.Braden took pics of the x-ray...typical brother. 

Our sweet boy was in pain so they gave him morphine...then he was funny!

Morphine isn't working yet.

Morphines working. Corbin showed him a pic of when he broke his arm and Logan wanted to make a face like Corbin!

They had to take him to surgery to fix his arm. He was worried but very brave! He was very upset that I had to cut his shirt off him. He loved that shirt.

Brothers waiting in the waiting room.

We were able to go home that night. He liked the wheel chair ride.

Saddest little face. He realized at this moment he couldn't play baseball, Swim, or ride his bike.

The next day was field day and he wanted to go. I took him for a little while. He is on pain mess still. His friends were very sweet. Bryston was crying because he was so sad that Logan broke his arm.

He couldn't participate in the events so he helped like the dads. 

He got to throw the frisbee in the frisbee toss.

James, my nephew, was helping that day.

His class.

Bryston, Brinleigh, and Logan

Chloe D. and Logan

Chloe W. and Logan

The next day Chloe D. came over to cheer him up. We made homemade play dough.

Our neighbors came to play too.

These sweet kiddos decided to make a lemonade stand.

Mr. Sanders came by to check on Logan and brought him a sweet gift. Logan thinks Mr. Sanders is the best.

With 4 boys this wasn't our first broken bone but I hope it's our last!

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