Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Corbin

Happy Birthday Corbin! My baby is 20 years old today. 20 years ago he came into this world and turned my world upside down and all around. I knew I was going to love my son, but I had no idea the overwhelming love and joy that little baby would bring to my life. I truly believe that GOD has big plans for Corbin. Corbin has had huge hurdles in his young life to overcome and he has handled tough situations with love, grace, forgiveness, and faith that blows me away. He is touching and changing lives daily and I'm so proud of him. 

I am not able to spend this day with my son because he is working this summer for Pine Cove Ministries. I have attached several pictures showing him at work. As a parent, I have prayed daily that all my boys are healthy and happy. I want them to LOVE what they do for a living. You can tell by the pictures he LOVES his job. We raised our boys in a Christian home and taught them to love the LORD. The boys are able to choose their paths now and we can only hope that we have provided them with the love, guidance, and faith to help them make the best choices for their lives. I'm proud to see Corbin has chosen a path that serves the LORD.

Corbin's teen years have come to an end and he is entering the young adult world, but I promise him matter his age, 20,40,60, he will always be my baby! 

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