Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vacation 2017-Day 2

We started Day 2 of vacation in Mobile, Alabama. We can't check in our condo until 4 pm so we decided to kill some time visiting the USS Alabama. 

This is the tunnel we went through to get to the ship. The boys liked that when you honked it echoed and other cars were honking.

The ship was huge!!! 

My little cutie.

Trent loved visiting the ship. 

Future Captain?

Captain of the Foster crew!

We had our "Titanic" moment at the front of the ship!

Dawn and Scott had their moment too. You can't pass up a Titanic opportunity at the front of a ship!

Our little family.

Scott, Dawn, and Nolan

Group photo

We are missing our Corbin.

 The Conway's

Trent loved everything about the ship.

Best Buddies

We finally made it to Destin and checked into our condo. We had to go get groceries and everyone had the same was a madhouse!!! We were exhausted after that and just relaxed on the balcony.

The view was pretty at night.

We are ready for the beach tomorrow!

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