Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vacation 2017-Day 3

Ryan caught a good picture yesterday of my parents and I. I may be 4 boys mama but I'll always be their baby!

My sweet boys are ready for the beach.

Trent loves the balcony.

My mom and I

Beautiful water and white sand...paradise!

Brothers are the best

We had an unwelcome visitor!

Tigershark Trent! He may be missing practice this week at home but he is practicing on vacation!!! Tigersharks never quit!

Scott, Ryan, Nolan, and Logan building a sandcastle.

I love my Red!

My mom enjoying the water.

My sweetie and I in paradise!

We were right beside this sea turtle nest.

We decided to go back to the condo and eat lunch and then go down and enjoy the pool. We had perfect timing...cheerleaders! Trent was happy!

Our awesome pool!

I found my work bestie! This is not our best pic but you can't not post a pic when your on vacay!

Red was exhausted and just a tad bit red. I bought a ton of sunblock and applied several times but my boy is so fair!

We had dinner at McGuire's Irish Pub.

Our entire group.

The burgers were HUGE!

The drinks were also huge! This was the Irish wake. The limit is 3, but 1 was enough for me! I finished the drink so the mug is mine! I'll probably have a whopping headache in the morning to go with my cool mug!

The walls are covered in $1 bills that people write on.

We left our mark!

We had a little photo session after dinner.


My hubby and I.

My mom and dad.

My best friend! We were looking cute tonight!

We are ready for more adventures tomorrow!

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