Monday, July 24, 2017

Vacation 2017-Day 4

We started our day at the beach. It was cloudy and the waves were fierce but we braved it until it started to rain.

My crew

Logan LOVES the water!

My soulmate

Footprints in the sand

We had another visitor. 

Little man playing on the playground.

He is so stinking cute!

We ate dinner at LuLu's. We loved it! I had jerk chicken and pineapple nachos...sounds weird, but it was delicious!

We loved that we were near the water.

The kids could play in the sand while we waited for our food.

Logan trying to hula hoop.

The Hill's were at LuLu's too. Logan loves playing with Emma, Bella, and Sophie.

The kids loved watching this sea plane land and the two people get out to have dinner.

Emma was great at hula hooping! She was walking around and kept it going.

The boys loved jumping after dinner. It was the best $10 spent. 

Our group waiting for dinner.

The waitress said it was National Tequila Day so I had to have a margarita!

When did my little boy become taller than his mama...and daddy?!?!

He had to have a shark tooth necklace. He has a BIG imagination so I won't be surprised if he tries to tell everyone he pulled the tooth out of the sharks mouth himself!!!

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